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About Us

Established on Juneteenth of 2018, in Lansing, Michigan, Styles By Myles started as more than just a brand—it's a lifestyle that boldly echoes our rich cultural history. Every facet of our work is a heartfelt tribute to our heritage, the wisdom of our ancestors, and the inspiring heroes who paved the way. Myles, the visionary behind Styles By Myles, vividly recalls the challenging moments of his past—those lunch table critiques, hallway whispers, and tough days at the Boys and Girls Club. Rather than succumbing to frustration in the face of adversity, Myles turned these experiences into fuel for a greater purpose. Styles By Myles was born as a testament to pride in something greater than oneself.

Styles By Myles is a haven for those who, like Myles himself, couldn't indulge in luxury clothes yet yearned to break free from the relentless pursuit of fitting in with the crowd. It stands as a testament to inclusivity, offering a unique and authentic space for everyone who has ever felt the pinch of society's expectations but refused to conform.